Whispering For Your Attention

Tom Salvatori

Whispering For Your Attention 1998 (c) Salvatori Productions, Inc., ASCAP

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Tom Salvatori (Composer, Solo Classical Guitar)

Fifteen original instrumental solo guitar compositions, more fingerstyle technique, yet still minimal and melodic. Personal and quiet CD that stands ready to become a trusted companion next time you embark on a rainy day mood swing.

“Whispering for Your Attention,” Tom's 1998 solo guitar release (CDs sold out, now available as digital download only), moves into a bit more fingerstyle speed than on his two previous releases.¬†Although he never does stray too far from his quiet and brooding composition style, there are pieces here (Dyslexia, Spinnin' the Plates, Running in Place) that seem to move the needle further along on the fingerpicking scale.

As always, his quiet approach and melodic focus is the foundation of this collection of heartfelt pieces…shared with you as intimately as a whisper across your pillow late at night.

Escape the rattle and hum of your day to just listen and enjoy as Tom quietly and effectively accomplishes exactly what he has set out to do what he does best…to musically whisper for your attention.

Tom Salvatori
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