The Silence of My Being

The Silence of My Being

The Silence of My Being (c) 2015 Salvatori Productions, Inc., ASCAP All Rights Reserved

Iris Litchfield (Composer, Grand Piano)

The Silence of My Being – by Iris Litchfield:  a new album featuring 9 newly recorded solo piano pieces performed by Iris. Iris had been working in the recording studio in Spring, 2014 while still feeling strong and capable…and the 9 pieces presented in this album were captured during her last recording sessions. We are pleased to release these recordings; not only to commemorate Iris' April 8th birth date but to celebrate her work and our friendship.

Iris’ gift of music lives on now for all to enjoy – as a wellspring resource for reflection and respite…and as a basis for spreading peace and beauty throughout our world.


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