Ever Ever On

Tom Salvatori and Iris Litchfield

Ever Ever On 2CD set (c) 2010 Salvatori Productions, Inc., ASCAPĀ All Rights Reserved



Tom Salvatori (Composer, Classical Guitar)

Iris Litchfield (Composer, Grand Piano)

John Catchings (Chamber String Arrangements, Cello)

David Davidson (Violin)

David Angell (Violin)

Monisa Angell (Viola)

Roger Wiesmeyer (Oboes)

Craig Nelson (Double Bass)

Jennifer Kummer (French Horn)

Melodic Nylon String Guitar (Salvatori) and Grand Piano (Litchfield) instrumental compositions scored with warm and tender Chamber Ensemble arrangements by John Catchings.

CD1: Guitar and Piano in Ensemble
Chamber String Arrangements by John Catchings

Subtitled: These little pieces went to Nashville – CD1 features Tom and Iris' new Nylon String Guitar and Grand Piano works accompanied by full-on Chamber String Ensemble arrangements warmly and tenderly created by John Catchings and featuring chamber string players in Nashville TN.

CD2: Solo Guitar and Solo Piano Pieces

Subtitled: These little pieces stayed home – CD2 presents the same compositions as featured on CD1 but captured in their more minimal original solo performance – accompanied by nothing other than the composer's desire to share each piece as originally conceived – hoping you'll find them as engaging and welcome as a visit with an old friend.


“We are in a time when a lot of other artists out there seem to be taking shortcuts, cutting back on production, and using synth or sample pads for strings and squeezing their releases into compressed mp3s as the flavor of the day.

Contrary to that approach, we've held steadfast to our belief that only the employ of real professional musicians using real instruments will truly breathe life into a body of work that will best stand the test of time and bear repeated listening.

We hope you'll agree. Quietly enjoy.”

– Tom Salvatori and Iris Litchfield, August, 2010.

Tom Salvatori
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