Change EP


Change EP by Buda and the Monks – 2018 (C) (P) Salvatori Productions, Inc. ASCAP – All Rights Reserved

New Music from Buda (Gustavo Acioli) and the Monks. A delightful dose of World/R&B/Funk/Soul Music with great percussive drive, a warm vocal vibe and fancy guitar riffin’ and featuring Buda’s signature voice, chord structures, soaring melodies in his easily identifiable composing style along with the lyric writing talents of music collaborator Bronwen K. Roberts. “Warm greetings to our fans! We would love for the song Change to be a catalyst for spreading peace to every country in the world. We have added an instrumental version of the song as Track 5 on this EP to help you get started. We hope you enjoy creating Change in your own language to help promote peace in your own country!” – Buda and Bronwen

Please visit for lyric sheets of the songs featured on this Album.

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