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Salvatori Productions, Inc. (established in 1995) is a record label specializing in quiet and minimal ensemble music that features original compositions recorded with real players on real instruments at all times. Tom Salvatori is the guitar composer for the CD releases and also manages licensing, publishing and artist development. He is partners in the business with his brother Mike, who produces, edits, arranges and manages studio production.  Mike is also a renowned composer in his own right – enjoying a 30-year writing partnership with Marty O’Donnell…that started out composing commercial jingles (Flintstones Kids) and in the last decade or so has become more specialized in composing for video games (HALO series, DESTINY).

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Salvatori Productions signed UK grand piano composer Iris Litchfield (1938-2014) in 2004 to feature her works on CD releases. Iris was a career mathematician turned piano composer, and her timeless and tender music has being recorded and released rightly to be shared with a worldwide audience.

In our most genre-expanding signings to date, in August 2017, Salvatori Productions is pleased to introduce Brazilian rock/r&b/funk singer/songwriter Gustavo (Buda) Acioli’s compositions to a worldwide audience with the EP release entitled “Laid Out Bare”. Visit http://www.buda.rocks to enjoy listening.

August, 2018, Chicago-based Singer/Songwriter Paul Christian is signed to release a full-length Album entitled “American Dream.”  See Official Press release below.

December, 2018 Buda (Gustavo Acioli) releases new “Change EP” – Visit his page on indiemusicpeople.com to listen online and to follow along with the lyrics

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Paul Christian’s “American Dream” is a Record Album You Will Love for The Rest of Your Life

CHICAGO, Aug. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ – – Please join us in celebrating the 2018 Debut Album release “American Dream” by Chicago songwriter Paul Christian. As you’ll soon learn to know and love, Paul has the writing chops to make serious contributions into AAA, Heartland, Acoustic Rock, Contemporary Country, Americana, Roots, straight-ahead Rock ’n’ Roll…and he can even get all-up-in-your-Beatle-esque memory cells. 

At the center of Paul’s various genre leanings (besides his Breedlove Guitars) is a pure songwriter; a clear and convincing storyteller: a 100% dyed-in-the-wool natural talent just aching to become one of YOUR favorites. Each track on “American Dream” represents a special milepost along Paul’s songwriting highway that will fill you with emotion. If you’re like us, you’ll fall in love with your head and your heart. Well, at least the ears on your head and your heart. We know he’ll win yours because he won ours. 

“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to record and release my secret little notebook full of song and lyric ideas. It’s amazing to think that the vision for this release was sparked by a conversation over a few beers at a very cold early April 2018 Chicago Cubs game,” commented newly-signed songwriter Paul Christian.

Count the team at Salvatori Productions very pleased to partner with Paul in bringing his debut album “American Dream” rightly to a worldwide audience. 

“Learning about Paul’s hidden songwriting talent through a wide ranging and colorful conversation sitting in the Terrace Boxes in the 3rd inning of a Cubs game is a serious testament to my naïve listening skills,” added Tom Salvatori, partner at Independent Record Label and Publisher Salvatori Productions. “It would have been easy to pass off Paul’s interest in music as amateur ramblings but curiosity and digging into his portfolio over the next few weeks revealed a treasure trove of music.” 

So, a chance meeting leading to a serendipitous musical discovery is on. Enjoy Paul Christian one great song at a time…errr…dare we say one epic song at a time? Do the lyrics in “Crazy Debbie” earn their stripes? You be the judge…enjoy listening!


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August 1, 2017: Salvatori Productions is pleased to announce the new CD-EP release by Gustavo (Buda) Acioli entitled ‘Laid Out Bare’, which introduces a strong, driving, percussive, funky / soul / rock style to the world as Buda’s rangy vocals explode on the international music scene with enthusiasm and effervescence.

October 11, 2016: Salvatori Productions is pleased to announce the new solo guitar CD release by Tom Salvatori entitled ‘Parlour Favorites,’ which features some of Tom’s new compositions along with a small handful of works by composers he has admired over the years…Jan Akkerman (Focus), Robert Fripp (King Crimson), Steve Hackett (Genesis) and Steve Howe (Yes). Listen here.

August 27, 2015: Salvatori Productions is pleased to announce the release of a new album of nylon string guitar compositions by Tom Salvatori – a private collection of pieces originally recorded for inclusion on CD releases over the years that were cut for one reason or another. The collection features solo guitar works composed throughout the 20 years of his CD releases. Listen here.

April 8th, 2015: Salvatori Productions is pleased to release a new album to commemorate and celebrate Iris Litchfield’s birth date. Iris had been working in the recording studio in Spring, 2014 while still feeling strong and capable…and the 9 pieces presented in this album were captured during her last recording sessions. We are pleased to release these recordings; not only to commemorate Iris’ April 8th birth date but to celebrate her work and our friendship.

Iris’ gift of music lives on now for all to enjoy – as a wellspring resource for reflection and respite…and as a basis for spreading peace and beauty throughout our world.

Here’s the link to Iris Litchfield’s new CD: The Silence of My Being. We truly hope you enjoy these last recordings by Iris.

Tom Salvatori, Producer and Friend
Salvatori Productions, Inc.



June 3, 2014: It is with deep sadness and regret to inform of the passing of Iris Litchfield on June 2, 2014. With this news, we lost a very dear friend, a collaborative composing partner, and a very, very special and sensitive talent indeed.

She will surely be missed.

– Tom Salvatori, Producer and Friend

Awards/Recognition: Two of our recent CD releases, Late Night Guitar (Salvatori) and When Evening Falls (Salvatori and Litchfield, arrangements by John Catchings), made their debut at #2 on the NAR Top 100 Radio Play Charts.

Late Night Guitar was named Winner of the 2002 Children’s Music Web Award in the Classic Recording for Children category.

When Evening Falls was named Winner of a NAR Lifestyle Music Award as Best Neo-Classical Album of 2007 and was featured on several Top10 – Best of 2007 music reviewer lists in the contemporary instrumental music category, and received a review and highest recommendation on MainlyPiano.com.

In addition to producing award winning CD releases, Salvatori Productions is actively engaged and interested  in licensing the works of their artists for film, tv shows and other projects, in addition to scoring the content releases of the new digital ambient art, music and technology alliance called Long Glance Media.

Long Glance Media produces content for Flat Screen TVs. Please visit the Long Glance Media website to learn about this new, exciting, patented technology collaborative alliance and its application for in-home and commercial/public space Flat Screen TV use.



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