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  • Iris Litchfield (1938-2014), Piano Composer (PRS) UK
  • Gustavo (Buda) Acioli, Guitar, Vocals (AMAR) Brazil
  • Paul Christian, Singer/Songwriter (ASCAP) Chicago, IL
  • Tom Salvatori, Nylon String Guitar Composer (ASCAP), Chicago, IL
  • John Catchings, Cello, Chamber String Arranger, Nashville, TN
  • Michael Salvatori, Producer, Chicago, IL & Seattle, WA

Tom Salvatori:

  • Parlour Favorites CD Release, 2016
  • Sketches CD Release, 2015
  • A Year in the Life CD Release, 2013
  • Ever Ever On 2CD Release, 2010
  • Score composer for Long Glance Media Ambient art and Music DVD Productions, 2010. Visit for information.
  • Exclusive; Opening Title sequence, Score/Background Cues, End Credit sequence in Matthew Schenk’s short “Falling Roses” (CA), 2009.
  • Music Supervisor, Chicago New Media Summit (CNMS08). Sourcing, preparation and presentation of music for the CNMS Launch Event, the September 15-16 CNMS08 Summit Event held at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL, 2008.
  • When Evening Falls CD debuted at #2 and enjoyed a comfortable ride in the top 5 on the contemporary instrumental radio play charts in the 4th quarter of 2007. This CD was awarded Best Neo-Classical Album of 2007 as part of the NAR Lifestyle Music Awards.
  • Opening Title sequence, Score/Background Cues in John Haderlein’s documentary “Junior: The Terrance Cottrell Story” (IL), 2006.
  • Score/Background Cues in Pepi Singh-Khara’s full length feature “Footsie & the Toe”(MD), 2006
  • Exclusive; Opening Title sequence, Score/Background Cues, End Credit sequence in Corrine Fisher’s “Window Period” short (NY), 2005
  • End Credits sequence in Cavan Campbell’s “The Loss” short – (Toronto), 2005. Premiere – RUFF Film Festival (Toronto) May 13, 2005
  • Score/Background Cues in Max Cusimano’s full length feature film “The Magician King” (CA), 2004
  • Exclusive; Opening Title sequence, Score/Background Cues, End Credit sequence in Andrew Serban’s “L.A. Dreams” short (NY), 2004

Tom Salvatori – Guitar Composer and Performer, Contemporary Nylon String Guitar

Date of Birth: December 29, 1958

Record Label: Salvatori Productions, Inc., Lombard, IL 60148

Publishing: Salvatori Productions, Inc. (ASCAP) and Les productions D’Oz, St-Romuald (Quebec), CANADA (SOCAN)

Contact phone: (312) 519-6470

Contact e-mail: and

Tom Salvatori composes a deeply personal and intimate style of instrumental Nylon String Guitar music, which is quiet and soothing and helps people relax at the end of the day. Adults and children both listen to and enjoy his music during their quiet time or while they fall asleep at night. Most of Salvatori’s music comes out sounding like quiet lullabies; probably because his favorite time to play and to compose is during the late night!

Tom was a First Place Winner of the Illinois Music Association Senior Open in 1973 in the Classical Guitar competition at the age of 15 under the direction of his high school music teacher, Duane Tutaj. Salvatori exhibited a mature strength in restraint in his performance of the Villa Lobos set piece, Prelude #3. Tom continued Classical Guitar studies while in college (Marquette University) with Ray Mueller, head of the Milwaukee Classical Guitar Society.

Since college, Tom has chosen a musical path of composing his own uniquely styled works for the contemporary Nylon String Guitar rather than one of stage performance and the study of the works of the Masters.

Published by Les Productions D’Oz (CANADA) in 2004, Salvatori hopes to share his sheet music book of eleven Guitar solos with guitarists after they come home from playing their concerts: “I don’t aim to compete with the masters and their virtuoso efforts from the concert stage. Rather, I’d love for my work to be thought of as a resource for quiet enjoyment…a respite at the end of a busy day. I would be most fulfilled, as a composer, if my work could be enjoyed in an intimate, one-on-one relationship with other players (and fans)…at home, when they decide to reach for just the right music to help them (and their loved ones) relax.”

Salvatori’s CDs are currently released independently through Salvatori Productions, Inc. record label. Eleven titles are available (see CDs tab): Under Cover of Darkness (1995); Invoking the Veiled Reference (1997); Whispering for Your Attention (1998); Late Night Guitar (2002); When Evening Falls (2007); Tu Sei Bella Aci Catena (EP) (2009); Ever Ever On 2-CD set (2010); On the Quiet Side of the Guitar (2012), A Year in the Life (2013), Sketches (2015) and Parlour Favorites (2016). CDs and/or mp3 downloads are available through, and Salvatori’s work can also be heard on Pandora Radio, Spotify, Google Play, Apple Radio and Rhapsody internet radio.

Both Late Night Guitar and When Evening Falls made their debut at #2 on the NAR Top 100 Radio Play Charts, with each continuing to hold top radio play honors through the end of their release years. Late Night Guitar was named Winner of a 2002 Children’s Music Web Award in the Classic Recording for Children category. When Evening Falls was named Winner of the 2007 NAR Lifestyle Music Award as Best Neo-Classical Album of 2007 and was featured in several Top 10-Best of 2007 lists of prominent music reviewers in the contemporary instrumental music category. – See more at:


Michael Salvatori:

For over 35 years, composing partners Marty O’Donnell and Michael Salvatori produced music for many different TV, radio and film and video game projects. Post-Marty, Mike continues to create music for Bungie’s Destiny franchise of video game releases. Mike’s video game music credits include:
  • Riven: The Sequel To Myst (sound design)
  • Myth: The Fallen Lords
  • Myth 2: Soulblighter
  • Oni
  • Septerracore
  • Halo
  • Halo 2
  • Stubbs The Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse
  • Halo 3
  • Hail to the Chimp
  • Halo ODST (Two CD Soundtrack)
  • Halo REACH (Two CD Soundtrack)
  • Disney’s Guilty Party
  • Destiny
  • Destiny: The Taken King
  • Destiny: Rise of Iron

Gustavo (Buda) Acioli:

Buda. It started as a nickname during his High School years for Gustavo Acioli…a term of friendly affection for a chubby little boy with a big smile and small, squinty yet sparkly eyes. Being that he hasn’t changed much since then, Gustavo’s nickname stuck, because everyone still today knows him as Buda, everyone sees him as Buda, and everyone remembers him as Buda.

It was back into his earlier years though that little Gustavo fell in love with music and started writing his songs while learning to play the guitar. He grew up divided between two loves actually…first rock-‘n’-roll and then second, music that informs the very heartbeat and pulse of his native land…Brazilian bossa nova. When Gustavo played his rough and distorted rock music, he felt little pangs of guilt; as if he was betraying his own Brazilian roots. And then on the other hand, anytime he would play the cool bossa nova rhythm of his homeland, he felt like he was betraying himself. A dilemma became evident as Buda grew up and various music genres began to inform his influences. He noticed that there was something missing in rock-‘n’-roll too…a kind of swing he could only find in Brazilian music…

It took some time for Buda to carve out his unique and individual style. As his deep dive into American music continued, he began to feel a kindred connection to soul and funk music. When he started to fall in love with those genres, he began to discover an answer to his dilemma: that funk and samba are close cousins…branches on the same family tree. He soon figured out that if he could ‘swing’ like a Brazilian while playing soul music, the funky groove he started to feel would work for him like the samba drums.

Buda indeed crosses several genre lines to connect with rock-‘n’-roll, funk, soul, bossa nova, swing and samba. And, in developing his own unique style, Buda puts a finger on the intersection of these genre lines and then proceeds to tie them all together in a neat little bow to produce his first recording that now formally and rightly introduces the world…to the music of Buda.

Iris Litchfield (1938-2014):
Iris was a mathematician turned composer and possessed a First Class Honours degree in mathematics from London University. She started playing the piano at the age of 5, back in the day when music teachers used to hit the hands of students every time a wrong note was played! In spite of this, Iris passed all the practical exams for the piano and clarinet. With her attention turned to composition in retirement, Iris wrote beautiful and timeless contemporary classical piano music. In addition to her compositions released by Salvatori Productions, Iris had music released on CDs in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Holland and Korea. She also had a contract to compose for Northstar Music, UK.In her hallmark work published by Salvatori Productions, Inc. the Steinway grand piano tracks featured on “Ever Ever On”, “When Evening Falls” and “Romantic Interludes” were recorded at Doz Studio, UK by (late) engineer Ollie Nicholls. The piano tracks on “The Silence of My Being”, “Dream Clouds” and “Life’s Journey” were recorded at Clowns Pocket Recording Studio, Bexley, Kent, UK by engineer Derek Nash.

A native son of Chicago, Paul was born in Berwyn and grew up in Brookfield and then Arlington Heights. Paul is self-taught musically, learning the ins-and-outs of myriad instruments starting at age 13 and patterning his style after his heroes Alex Lifeson of Rush and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin.

Paul played in a few rock bands while growing up – before turning to the solitude of composing…”The Skins,” “David and Paul,” and bar scene favorites “The Dangerous Joe’s” before marriage and fatherhood caught up with him. After kids, to keep a connection to his music interest, he formed a family band “Punching Rubber” which featured his daughter on clarinet/sax and his son on guitar, all the while periodically jotting down song ideas in his private little notebook.


Paul Christian - AAA Songwriter

Tom Salvatori
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